Check or Download Your Latest PTCL Bill Online 2020

Check, Print, and Download a Duplicate Copy of Your Latest PTCL Bill Online 2020

In today’s life of hustle and bustle and an extremely strict schedule, we always look to for shortcuts and go for handy things. In this case, we can admit to the fact that technology has proved its virtue in every aspect of the field very vigorously and vastly. One of the most prominent utilization of this technology is that it has reduced the human effort and precious time to many lengths.

This electronic era has come up with the utmost amount of benefits which are becoming uncountable these days. One of these is the online payments of bills.

This is also nothing less than a blessing that from the ease of our home we can pay our bills so calmly. One more pleasant news you are about to ascertain is that now you can have the duplicate of your bills online through our website. Sounds satisfying, Isn’t it? Our website has come up with this commendable service to serve you from the comfort of your house and also the retrieval of the old lost bills which are now no more a mess.

Let’s proceed forward to grasp more about the services our website is providing and the detailed sections a bill holds.

Our Service:

Technological development and progression have led to the creation of new and efficient systems that half of our work and time is saved by using them. These coherent system has managed our works so neatly that we have accustomed to these systems.

Keeping in mind your burdensome and strenuous jobs we appear to render some excruciating services through our website. No person would feel amused if he is burdened to do this kind of chore monthly— facing the extreme crowd and waiting in long queues.

Therefore, to overcome this gruesome job we have initiated the service of retrieving bills online through our website. All you need to access your bill is a landline number and a PTCL account ID mentioned in your telephone bill and you’ll have your bill on your screen. Now you don’t have to stash and keep up a pile of your old bill because our website has got your back. This system has made the recouping of the bill a piece of cake.

To reap the benefits of our new services please visit our website and avail them.


PTCL stands for Pakistan Telecommunications Company Limited. The prime objective of this company is to provide the telecommunications services to the entire Pakistan. This organization is held accountable to impart its services without any glitch or interruption nationwide.

PTCL is the cornerstone of the telecommunications in Pakistan and plays quite a significant role. As new telecommunication services continue to come forward, it has also extended its reach and provided us with new telecommunication services which include high-speed BroadBand Internet, Charjee Internet, and many more.

Their smooth and uninterruptable services have outstretched their services from Khyber to Karachi. This company has tirelessly worked out for more than 70 years and has been successfully imparting its services and connecting people from every nook and corner of Pakistan.


Before you dive into something to which you are not acquainted, its better you learn about it in the first place. The same goes for the bill layout. It’s best if you study its sections wisely to avert yourself from being coned. Your bill layout contains several sections that may seem worthless however it plays a virtuous role when something goes wrong in your bill. Now let us discuss the parts depicted in bills.


This section contains the name of the consumer and the house address and PTCL STN number. The STN number is designed uniquely for every consumer to prevent any kind of confusion and deliver it to every house without any execution of any blunder.

If you wish to go through your bill online or acquire a xerox of your previous bill just have the landline number and a PTCL account ID number from your previous bill and go through our website and fetch it.


This section is accustomed to specify and help you to keep an eagle’s eye on the payment of your previous bills. This section addresses the month you’re being charged for. Also, this section indicates the penalty date column so that the consumer must pay the bill before the due date so he must not face the penalty charges.


This is the section where the previous bills along with their months and charges are specified with the help of a graph. It helps in keeping the track of previous bills so that the consumer can use this resource effectively and in a better way.


If you happen to observe your bills closely, you’ll notice many other charges besides the PTCL bill. So, this section will give every tiny detail regarding the charges added up in your PTCL bill. The extra charges include the general sales tax, the service fee of the company, and many others.

Furthermore, read out the entire bill description properly so that you’ll be able to elude any hidden charges you’re being wrongly charged off.


To clear off your mind from any doubt or any query bothering you constantly feel free to contact us through our helpline. Your query will be entertained with in few days of filling complaint and your issue will be resolved through our customer representatives.


To fetch your bill details online you must follow the instructions stated below and you can have your bills on your screen within a few seconds. Let us have a look at the steps mentioned below:

  • Just visit our website. Once you are on the website, you’ll see a textbox requiring a landline number and a PTCL account ID. These two things are required to access to your bill.
  • Click on the textbox and enter the landline number and account ID. It will be of great help if you memorize both numbers as you won’t have to indulge in the fuss of searching it again and again
  • Once the required column are full filled you’ll have your bill prompted up at your screen. This softcopy of the bill can be printed from any shop and you can have your xeroxed bill.
  • If you wish to access your upcoming bill and after providing the landline number and a PTCL account ID to the system, if it redirects you to your last bill so there is nothing to worry about. The company management might have delayed in uploading the bill.
  • Besides the online verification of bills you can now also pay your telephone bills online through our website.

Payments can be made through various means which are listed below:

  • Jazz Cash
  • Easy paisa
  • Nadra Offices
  • Local bank transfer


This service has become a sigh of relief to many and it has benefited us in numerous ways. Let’s discuss some of the advantages we truly admire.


If you happen to look back at older times when people used to go through the agitation of going through lengthy traffic and long queues, compare that time with today so we can realize how much ease this technology has provided us and has contributed to making our work efficient. The system of checking bills online has reduced the human effort to many lengths and has prevented us from facing frustrating crowds and traffic. Today most of the consumers prefer to check their bill online over heading towards the head offices and we can’t help but admit to the fact that this is a legit relief to many people.


Any device with a suitable speed of internet connection is enough to approach to our website. Our services can be availed through any part of the country, the only thing you must learn is the landline number and a PTCL account ID in order to access your bill.


Travelling costs you a lot sometimes. The hectic task of going out in the burning sun, getting face to face with a ferocious crowd, and to add on you have to pay for your transport is quite an unpleasant thought. Online bill management has solved this antagonizing chore of paying bills and getting their duplicate bills at the ease of your home. Now people won’t have to go through the struggle of waiting in long queues and bearing gruesome crowd.

Among the new developments being made in Pakistan every new day, online bill payments is one of the prominent one. Pakistan is continuing to gain a significant place among the developing countries and is growing to prosper every new day.